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概述:  现在由于各种条件限制,各大搅拌站都集中在城郊区域。这样当自动上料搅拌机运输到城区的施工地点时,会因为路况、行驶速度、车辆等原因
  Now due to various conditions, the major mixing stations are concentrated in the suburban area. In this way, when the automatic feeding mixer is transported to the urban construction site, it will cause leakage of concrete along the way because of road conditions, driving speed, vehicles and other reasons. So how to solve the leakage of automatic feeding mixer
  Automatic feeding mixer scatters drip mainly concrete mixer truck packed full, brakes, lights off, during transit turbulence causes such as, some cement slurry will follow the road tanker funnel drip down pollution. Gray cement mud formation cement bumps "inlaid" in the asphalt pavement, not only affect the road capacity road appearance, and cement bumps are very stubborn, it is difficult to remove, once not cleaned up in time, will "long" on the road become barricades, the formation of safety hazards.
  Enterprises can install leak-proof box on the stirring truck to prevent dripping. The leak-proof box is not big, just under the unloading port of the concrete mixing truck. The upper mouth of the leak-proof box is the size of the washbasin, and the lower mouth can be switched. Whenever the concrete spills out of the discharge port during the turbulence of the vehicle, the small box can catch the spilled concrete. If it is full, the driver only needs to turn on the switch below the box to unload the concrete.
  Install leak-proof box for automatic feeding mixer, put on "leak-proof pants" is a good way to prevent "spilt drip", the person in charge of the concrete company should also strengthen the education and training of the driver, improve the driver's civilized driving quality, consciously reduce the spilt drip of mixing car, to purify the highway environment to do a responsibility.
  How to solve the leakage of automatic feeding mixer? The above is the solution to the problem, if you are effective, then promote it to more people, if you think there is still a place that you do not understand, then come to the website to contact us for consultation.
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