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概述:  混凝土搅拌机的正常运行离不开各个系统的正常工作,近来有用户反映,各个系统都检测正常,但搅拌机就是不能启动,这个情况我们怎么去检
  The normal operation of concrete mixer cannot be separated from the normal operation of each system. Recently, some users reported that all the systems were normal, but the mixer could not be started. In this case, how can we detect the system?
  Check boot system. Check the circuit in the starting system of the concrete mixer. From the basic form, the circuit of the starting system generally includes: battery, starting motor and the cable adjacent to these components. In addition, incineration switch, starter relay or electromagnetic coil, and vehicle anti-theft system, etc., is also an important part of the starting system.
  Check fuel system. The diagnosis of fuel system of concrete mixer can be divided into two parts: the diagnosis of fuel supply system and the diagnosis of fuel injector circuit system. The fuel supply system can be tested by measuring the flow and pressure of the fuel. A good way to measure fuel flow is to check the fuel supply line when there is load in it.
  Check the security system: The concrete mixer security system also has some oft-overlooked problems with the fuel supply system. Some agitator manufacturers include a parameter identification function in the data stream of the anti-theft system. On many models, the anti-theft system module has been replaced without proper initialization of it.
  How to test the concrete mixer system? The above is the relevant answer to the question, I hope the above content can give you some reference. More content you can come to our website for consultation!
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