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概述:  在很多时候,混凝土搅拌车的事故率远高于其他客运车辆,也高于普通货车,那么混凝土搅拌机会发生交通事故的原因是什么呢?下面来看看。
  In many cases, the accident rate of concrete mixer is much higher than that of other passenger vehicles, but also higher than that of ordinary trucks, so what is the reason for the traffic accident of concrete mixer? So let's see.
  Many agitator accidents after inspection are the vehicle brake problems, but also other reasons, and the maintenance is not in place mainly because of the high proportion of contracted, attached to the agitator, the maintenance of the agitator is not in place, most of the maintenance is just a formality.
  In the concrete mixer, 15% of the vehicles are contracted and attached to the vehicle, and the enterprise is basically in this part of the vehicle only collect money, do not maintain or only surface maintenance, maintenance measures have not been implemented in place.
  Nowadays, many drivers engaged in the work of mixing truck drivers do not have special training and do not know the performance of mixing truck very well, so they often cannot make a correct response when accidents occur, which has become an important reason why mixing truck is prone to traffic accidents. Some cement concrete mixing locomotive driver, because of traffic legal concept is weak, safety consciousness is poor, ignore traffic safety, cause accident.
  As a kind of special engineering vehicle, the structure of concrete mixer is very different from ordinary vehicles. Due to the unique needs of the mixing truck, there are a series of problems in the structure of the mixing truck, such as high center of gravity, variable mechanical structure and huge car body, which affect the driver's sight. Reflected in the daily operation, resulting in too many blind spots from the driver's perspective, difficult to brake, easy to rollover accident hidden dangers!
  Concrete mixing opportunities to cause traffic accidents is explained above, if you still have any questions, then timely to the website to consult us!
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