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概述:  搅拌一体车的工艺会对它的转速产生比较大的影响,但很多时候作为操作人员会忽略掉这一点,那么搅拌一体车的转速出现大的差异什么原因?
  Mixing vehicle process will have a large impact on its speed, but many times as an operator will ignore this point, so what is the reason for the large difference in the speed of the mixing vehicle?
  The scraper inside the mixing body is a kind of non-dead point mixing equipment. The scraper on the planet rack and the scraper at the bottom of the stirring paddle are constantly scraping off the inner wall of the mixer and the material at the bottom when stirring, so as to ensure the full mixing of materials; The mechanical seal of the transmission parts and the soft seal between the upper and lower tank make the material mix under vacuum condition, to ensure that the material will not foam and remove the air component in the material.
  The inner wall of the tank is processed by fine car to ensure that the scraper can completely scrape off the material on the inner wall of the tank; There are two ways of heating and cooling the tank. The heating tank can be heated by electric heating, steam heating and oil-water circulation heating, customers can choose according to their needs. The kettle body is equipped with temperature control device to ensure that the material temperature without error; Hydraulic ascending and descending.
  The low-speed stirring part adopts planetary gear transmission, and the stirring paddle rotates when it is in revolution, so that the material moves up and down and around, so that the ideal mixing effect can be achieved in a short time. The high-speed dispersing parts and the planetary frame revolve together, and rotate at high speed at the same time, so that the material is subjected to strong shearing and dispersing mixing, the effect is several times that of the ordinary mixer.
  The parts of the dispersed mixing vehicle are divided into single dispersed shaft and double dispersed shaft, which can be selected according to the needs of customers; The speed of low speed stirring impeller and high speed dispersing head in the kettle adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and different speed can be selected according to different viscosity of different processes. Everyone chooses according to their actual needs.
  When we use different mixing vehicle will find that its speed is a certain difference, so to recognize this aspect of the line, more content to the website for consultation.
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