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概述:  驱动系统是自动上料搅拌机和其他搅拌机很有价值的组件之一,所以在定期的检查工作中也要去好好维护,不然一旦出现问题就会影响到搅拌机
  The driving system is one of the most valuable components of the automatic feeding mixer and other mixers, so in the regular inspection work should also go to good maintenance, otherwise once there is a problem will affect the use effect and work efficiency of the mixer, the following to understand the component.
  With the development of industry, there is a trend of large-scale equipment, automatic feeding mixer is gradually installed from the bottom of the equipment, the mixer installed at the bottom, the mixing shaft is short, there is no need to set intermediate bearings and bottom bearings, the shaft bears small load, stable operation, and is beneficial to sealing. In order to facilitate maintenance, the bottom agitation is generally installed on the ground foundation or the bottom platform.
  Automatic feeding mixer is compact in structure, high transmission efficiency, some shafts extend into a longer, should also be set up in the support frame. In order to facilitate the maintenance of materials, side agitation is generally equipped with a special sealing device, and with an emergency cutting device.
  Automatic feeding mixer has a separate driving device, generally including motor, reducer, coupling and so on. The power source of blender is mainly all kinds of motor, hydraulic motor, pneumatic motor, etc., and the actual application is more motor. When the speed of the mixer is very fast and synchronized with the motor, it can be directly used with the motor.
  Coupling is an important part of connecting motor, reducer and stirring shaft. It mainly includes rigid coupling and elastic coupling. There are many ways to install the drive device. The most commonly used is the top installation. According to the installation form of the reducer, there are vertical installation or horizontal installation at the top, and there are also inclined installation at the top.
  Keeping the reducer, belt or chain and sprocket mechanism properly lubricate is one of the blender maintenance tips to keep in mind. It is important to check the belt or chain tension regularly. Too loose a belt or chain can slip and damage the sprocket or burn the belt. If the belt or chain is too tight, they will begin to wear out the bearings prematurely. Keep the tension within the manufacturer's recommendations and check it once a month to make sure it is correct.
  The driving device is an important component of the automatic feeding mixer. The relevant content is explained here. If you are interested in this or have requirements, please come to our website for consultation, and professionals will serve you wholeheartedly.
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