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概述:  自动上料搅拌机有很好的市场价值,如今使用到的地方范围是越来越广泛,当然使用时间长了不了避免会出现各种故障问题,但是有些故障出现
  Automatic feeding mixer has a good market value, now the scope of use is more and more widely, of course, the use of a long time can not avoid all kinds of failure problems, but some failures are caused by symptoms before appearing. Let's take a look.
  Sound. If there is abnormal sound in the driving process of the automatic feeding mixer, it should be checked immediately, or go to the professional maintenance point to troubleshoot, and must not let the mixer "work with illness". In case of accidents on the road, the construction and itself will cause no small impact.
  The working status is abnormal. Working condition refers to the abnormal phenomenon that appears when the mixer is driving or mixing concrete. These phenomena include the difficulty or inability to start the engine after sudden flameout; Operation of the engine power suddenly reduced, or brake failure or deviation. This type of fault is obvious and easy to detect.
  Leakage. The leaking fluids mainly include engine fuel, brake fluid (compressed air) and power steering fluid leakage. This failure can also be found by careful observation. When air leaks, a distinct sound of air leakage can be heard.
  Overheating. High temperature overheating mainly occurs in the engine, transmission, brakes and other equipment of the agitator car. If the engine overheats, there are problems with the cooling system, insufficient coolant or pump does not work; If the gearbox and drive axle overheat, there is likely to be a lack of lubricating oil; If the brakes overheat, most likely the brake pads do not return. The above phenomenon does not need too much distraction, directly reflected in the dashboard warning light, as long as the driver pays attention to driving.
  The exhaust color is abnormal. Normally, the fumes from the engine of the mixer are carbon dioxide and water vapor. If the exhaust gas contains hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and carbon particles, it will turn blue, black or white, which is abnormal exhaust. However, when the lubricating oil runs up the cylinder, the exhaust is blue; When the combustion is incomplete, the exhaust gas is black, and when oil and water are mixed, the exhaust gas is white.
  If the above mentioned symptoms are ignored, it will have a great impact on the running and working of the mixer, so the operator should pay more attention to it. Of course, as a kind of engineering vehicle, the automatic feeding mixer also needs maintenance, so as to make the equipment longer. Come to for more information!
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