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概述:     随着进行生产量逐渐的扩大,搅拌一体机的使用也是越来越频繁,但是使用过程中容易出现问题,这属于是操作不当,那么搅拌一体机错
  With the gradual expansion of production, the use of all in one stirring machine is more and more frequent, but problems are easy to occur in the use process, which belongs to improper operation, so what harm will be caused by the wrong use of all in one stirring machine?
  Mixing machine concrete, hydraulic oil splash, cement or other chemical substances caused by eye injury; The damage caused by overhauling the hydraulic pipeline without pressure relief of the hydraulic system; The damage caused by disconnecting the pipeline when there is pressure in the concrete conveying pipe; The injury caused by the hand reaching into the washing chamber while the piston is moving; Prevent damage caused by stirrer or other rotating parts from moving; The internal and external protection of cable is damaged; Failure of electrical components and damage caused by the pump charged, and caused by electric shock injury.
  Do not forget to drain water in cold weather open the drain valve and cooperate with the operation of the pump in order to completely drain the excess water. Damage caused by overturning of pump machine due to improper lifting or support mode; Conveying pipeline is not fixed so that the pipeline sliding or falling off caused by the injury or pipe joint, pipe burst caused by the injury; Damage caused by body part entering the hopper or movement mechanism when the pump is working;High pressure hose burst caused by injury; Damage caused by maintenance of grease system when slide valve cylinder is working.
  We must use the mixing machine correctly, but once the use method is incorrect, it will cause harm to people, to remind everyone, in the use of the mixing machine must be in accordance with the instructions to operate, do not take chances. Because one of your inattention can cause harm to yourself or others.
  In addition, for the driver, we should carry out regular erasing, even in the process of coming off work, we should also carry out calm cooperation, when the completion of the pouring task, the operator to take the corresponding cooperation, ensure that in the recovery of the cloth rod, in the stop our work. Of course, in order to better reduce the failure rate of the mixer, we still need to apply it in the correct way in normal use, and strengthen the regular maintenance and maintenance of the mixer.
  Therefore, the operator must use the mixing machine correctly. If you are interested in the mixing pump, or have related problems, you can go to our official website for consultation.
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