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概述:  很多人对混凝土搅拌机的上料工作很好奇,主要在于一个问题--上料时原料用量怎么解决?随便上吗?原料用量怎么控制?混凝土质量能有所保
  Many people are curious about the feeding work of concrete mixer. The main problem lies in a problem -- how to solve the raw material dosage when feeding? Can I help you? How to control the amount of raw material? Can the quality of concrete be guaranteed? Wait a minute. Here's how it works.
  Concrete mixer equipped with an automatic weighing system, before feeding, according to the required hardness of concrete type of cement, sand and aggregate demand can, mixer the loading arm in front of a heavy measurement sensors, bucket shovel material every time accurately display screen of the weighing system in the cab, solved the problems of concrete raw material consumption, to produce concrete also conforms to the national standard.
  Most of the automatic loading mixers on the market are equipped with automatic weighing systems, so this concern can be gradually removed. In addition, although the concrete mixer is functional, it is very simple to operate. The novice can be proficient in operation within two days, and the master who has experience in operation of construction machinery and equipment can be proficient in operation within one day. Flexible operation, suitable for small space operation, energy saving.
  In addition, concrete mixing opportunities because of the construction site, different types of work and the need for different configurations, so its price will be different. This needs purchaser great attention, comprehensive consideration factor just goes.
  In addition, large factory mixer technology is mature, production process, material and small factory there is a big gap, so blender customers in the selection of manufacturers need to visit the site, pay attention to the quality of large factory rather than small factory price, after all, for construction machinery car, quality and after-sales service is important.
  How to solve the raw material dosage when concrete mixer is feeding? So that's the end of the story, but let me remind you that when you buy a blender, don't just focus on the price. It makes sense to get what you pay for. More content to the website consultation!
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