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概述:  混凝土搅拌机是由多个部件组成的,比如专用车底盘、上装罐体、换向阀等等,其中换向阀会偶尔出现故障,而混凝土搅拌机电路有故障会导致
  Since the feeding mixer is composed of a number of components, such as special car chassis, tank, reversing valve and so on, the reversing valve will occasionally fail, and since the feeding mixer circuit failure will lead to abnormal reversing valve! So let's talk about what's going on.
  If electromagnetic pilot valve inlet and vent by sludge or other sundry jam, closed lax, activity core was jammed, a fault circuit, etc., all can lead to directional valve can't normal commutation, for some cases should be cleaning pilot valve and activity sludge and impurities on the iron core, and circuit fault in general can be divided into two categories, the failure of circuit and electromagnetic coil.
  Before checking the circuit fault of the feeding mixer, the manual knob of the reversing valve should be turned several times to see whether the reversing valve is normal under the rated air pressure. If it can be normal, the circuit is faulty; When checking, you can use a meter to measure the voltage of the electromagnetic coil to see if it reaches the rated voltage. If the voltage is too low, you should further check the power supply in the control circuit and the associated travel switch circuit.
  If cannot normal reversing reversing valve, under rated voltage should check the loading truck mixer magnetic ring joint is loose or contact false, inspection method: remove the plug, measuring coil resistance (generally should be in the hundreds of ohm to thousands of ohms), if the value is too big or too small, explain the electromagnetic coil is damaged, need to change.
  Since the feeding mixer circuit failure will lead to abnormal reversing valve related content is such, so it is not only necessary to do a good job of related inspection work but also to regularly maintain it. For more information, please visit
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