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概述:  如今不管是施工还是建筑,常用的设备便是搅拌一体机,该机器具有功能多、投资成本少、回本快、收益高等特点,目前是得到了迅速地推广发
  Nowadays, whether it is construction or construction, the commonly used equipment is the all-in-one mixing machine. The machine has many functions, less investment cost, fast return on capital and high income. At present, it has been rapidly promoted and developed. Let's take a look at the device.
  Integrative machine has reasonable structure, excellent performance, reliable work, convenient operation, accurate measurement and other characteristics, suitable for slope protection construction, the tunnel construction, the highway bridge construction, the construction of houses, rural roads, canals, culverts and other projects and prefabricated medium and small volume of concrete production, is widely used in all kinds of engineering construction in the countryside.
  Mixer has multi-function, can carry out sufficient material material, mixer can complete fine mixing standard. Mixing machine meets the needs of the industry, good sealing design, good performance, effectively prevent dust pollution of the environment. The equipment is easy to unload, clean and clean quickly.
  Mixer can be arranged in many industry production lines, the form and structure can be well matched, the whole machine design flexible, novel style, long use.
  The selection of mixer should be considered comprehensively according to the characteristics of concrete engineering, and the maximum conveying distance required, concrete construction plan, and so on. Mixing machine has flexibility, and the higher the height of the boom, the greater the pouring height and cloth radius, the stronger the construction adaptability, the construction should try to choose high boom concrete pump truck.
  Product performance in the selection should adhere to a high starting point, so we should consider whether all the hydraulic technology is advanced, how the quality of hydraulic vision. Its power comes from the engine, so in addition to considering the engine performance and quality, but also consider the performance of the car chassis, bearing capacity and quality.
  The operation control system of the mixing machine is provided with manual, wired and wireless space-time method, which is convenient and flexible to be controlled by the county. Wireless remote control can be operated from a distance. Once the circuit fails, manual operation can be adopted.
  After-sales service Concrete pump truck as a special vehicle, because of its special function, safety, mechanical properties, manufacturers of after-sales service and parts supply should be put forward requirements. Otherwise, once an accident occurs, not only the construction progress will be affected, but also unimaginable consequences may occur.
  The performance of all in one machine itself is good, and the content of many functions is explained here. If you are still struggling to choose what all in one machine manufacturer, you might as well come to our website to see what the situation is.
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