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概述:搅拌机维护和搅拌机维修密切相关。 修中有修,修中有修。 在维修过程中,可能会发现某个部件或机构即将出现故障或损坏,因此可以利用维修
搅拌机维护和搅拌机维修密切相关。 修中有修,修中有修。 在维修过程中,可能会发现某个部件或机构即将出现故障或损坏,因此可以利用维修机会对其进行维修。 在维修的过程中,对于一些未损坏的零件,自然要停止维修。
Mixer maintenance is closely related to mixer maintenance. Repair in repair, repair in repair. In the process of vehicle maintenance, it may be found that a component or mechanism is about to fail or damaged, so it can be repaired by taking advantage of the maintenance opportunity. In the process of maintenance, for some undamaged parts, it is natural to stop maintenance.
因此,搅拌机维修和搅拌机维修之间的关系是辩证的。 在日常活动中,要处理好两者的关系,坚持以维护为重点,遏制“重修重修”、“以修代保”的不良倾向。  “三养七养”是真理。在此科学地将搅拌车维修系统讲解了几个:
Therefore, the relationship between mixer maintenance and mixer maintenance is dialectical. In daily activities, we should deal with the relationship between the two, focus on maintenance, and curb the bad tendency of "repair and repair" and "repair instead of insurance". "Three supports and seven supports" is the truth. Here, the maintenance system of mixer truck is scientifically explained as follows:
Deepen smooth system maintenance
平滑系统的主要作用是有效平滑搅拌机启动器的各个部件,防止过度磨损。 在发动机噪音过大、加速无力、水温过高等情况下也需要进行清洁保养。 清洗发动机内部的油泥等沉积物,防止机油在高温下氧化变稠,减少发动机零件磨损,延长发动机寿命,提高发动机功率。
The main function of the smoothing system is to effectively smooth all parts of the mixer starter and prevent excessive wear. Cleaning and maintenance are also required when the engine noise is too loud, the acceleration is weak, and the water temperature is too high. Clean the oil sludge and other deposits inside the engine to prevent the oil from oxidizing and thickening at high temperature, reduce the wear of engine parts, prolong the service life of the engine and improve the power of the engine.
Transmission cleaning and maintenance
正常情况下,搅拌车每800km-1000km应清洗保养一次,或变速箱打滑、水温高、换档慢、系统泄漏等情况。 去除有害油泥和漆膜沉积物,恢复垫片和O型圈的弹性,使变速箱换档平稳,提高动力输出,完全替代旧的自动变速箱油。
Under normal conditions, the mixer truck should be cleaned and maintained every 800km-1000km, or the gearbox slips, the water temperature is high, the gear shift is slow, the system leaks, etc. Remove harmful oil sludge and paint film deposits, restore the elasticity of gasket and O-ring, make the transmission shift smoothly, improve power output, and completely replace the old automatic transmission oil.
Cleaning and maintenance of cooling system
一般情况下,搅拌车应在冬夏季换季时清洗保养一次,正常行驶时每6~8个月清洗一次,或水温过高、漏水、锅体不工作时清洗保养一次。 是煮沸的。 去除导致发动机过热的痕迹和水垢,防止有害腐蚀,防止和防止密封件和水箱泄漏,并彻底更换旧冷却液。
Generally, the mixer truck shall be cleaned and maintained once during the season change in winter and summer, once every 6 ~ 8 months during normal driving, or once when the water temperature is too high, water leaks and the pot body does not work. It's boiling. Remove traces and scale causing overheating of the engine, prevent harmful corrosion, prevent and prevent leakage of seals and water tanks, and completely replace the old coolant.
Cleaning and maintenance of fuel system
正常情况下,混凝土搅拌机每行驶800km-1000km需要清洗保养一次,或出现发动机喘鸣、滞后、加速不良、冒黑烟、无力、耗油等现象时。 清除系统内部的胶体和积碳,避免有害腐蚀,防止和防止密封件和水箱泄漏,彻底更换旧冷却液。
Under normal circumstances, the mixer needs to be cleaned and maintained every 800km-1000km, or when the engine is wheezing, lagging, poor acceleration, black smoke, weakness, fuel consumption and other phenomena occur. Remove colloids and carbon deposits inside the system, avoid harmful corrosion, prevent and prevent leakage of seals and water tanks, and completely replace the old coolant.
That's all for the relationship between maintenance and repair of concrete mixer. Of course, if you need anything, you can contact us at any time. Now you can pay attention to the website Com.
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