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概述:  混凝土搅拌机设备已在行业中使用多年,由于其优越的便利性和稳定性,其市场占有率还是提高的。对于前期购买的客户来说,由于设备的使用
  Concrete mixer equipment has been used in the industry for many years, because of its superior convenience and stability, its market share is improved. For customers who purchased the equipment in the early stage, some parts of the equipment may age and cause more machine problems because the service time of the equipment has not increased. So the concrete mixer these failures can do self-inspection!
  Loud: There are two types of noise. Stirring noise, may be caused by foreign bodies into the blender; There is a lot of noise when the machine is idling. In this case, it is necessary to check whether the lubricating oil in the bearing is sufficient. It is generally caused by bearing friction caused by insufficient lubrication. Observations of lubricants must be added. Third, check whether the agitator is deformed by intense friction with the cylinder wall.
  Motor failure. If the motor cannot operate, one is to check whether the field voltage is low, and the other is whether the motor wiring is using two-phase electricity. Stone paint mixer generally uses three-phase electricity. If two - phase electricity is used, the motor will not operate and the power is insufficient.
  Equipment bearing overheating. This problem is mainly caused by the lack of lubricating oil, so users should pay attention to regularly add lubricating oil to the equipment.
  Abnormal noise. If there is any abnormal sound, stop the mixer in time and clean up the sundries in the mixer.
  The motor of the concrete mixer is not working. Please check whether the locking device of the mixing tank is locked and whether the limit switch is reset.
  The concrete mixer holds the axle problem. It may be the feeding position of raw materials. Mixed concrete materials are mainly gravel aggregate, cement, fly ash, water and additives. If the raw cement is wrapped in sand and stone when it meets water, it is easy to stick to the mixing shaft if the mixing is not sufficient. If the direction of the cement feed port is unreasonable, the mixing shaft can not be fully stirred quickly, and it is easy to form the phenomenon of holding the shaft.
  The reason for the inlet pipe and flushing position of the mixer. If the flushing point position and flushing direction are incorrect, or the flushing pressure is too low, resulting in water entering the main engine, the concrete temporarily bonded to the shaft can not be washed away, then it is easy to form the holding shaft over a long time. After the end of production, the internal of the mixer is not cleaned in time, or the cleaning is not clean, resulting in residual concrete on the surface of the mixing shaft, which will be solidified on the mixing shaft after drying. If this happens for a long time, the phenomenon of holding the shaft is very easy to occur.
  Concrete mixer occurrence these faults can do self - check! The above is the explanation of the problem. If the time continues to accumulate and prolong, the failure rate will increase. Therefore, once it is found that the blender does not run normally or something unusual happens, please stop the machine as soon as possible for inspection. You are welcome to visit our website for more information.
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