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概述:  对于混凝土搅拌机我们很熟悉,那是因为经常能够在路上或者是工地上看到它,同时也有很多的疑问,比如混凝土搅拌机为什么要一直转呢?下
  We are very familiar with the concrete mixer, because we can often see it on the road or on the site, but also have a lot of questions, such as why does the concrete mixer keep turning? Let's analyze it.
  Concrete mixers are transported by multi-axle trucks, which rotate continuously during transportation. Because concrete is made up of stone, sand, cement and water, if the transportation process does not turn, and kept bumping, the stone will sink to the bottom, sand in the middle, cement and water on the top, and so on to the destination will appear to agglomerate phenomenon, which is also what we often say stuffy pot. Therefore, rotation prevents the concrete from setting, prevents the concrete from stratifying, and allows the concrete to mix more evenly.
  Concrete mixer in the process of transportation, sometimes there will be a variety of failures or a long traffic jam, which will make concrete solidification in the tank, the phenomenon of stuffy tank. So why dump it instead of smother it? After this situation, people have come up with a lot of methods, including cutting a hole in a certain position of the tank, and then manually cleaning up the concrete inside with pneumatic picks a little bit, and then welding the holes sealed.
  There are also the use of wall breaking machine with water drill drilling, so as to reduce dust and sand splashing, and then discharged from the discharge port, this method is also high efficiency. There is the use of heat expansion and cold contraction method, even if the tank is blocked, but there will be space in the tank, oil burning concrete after rapid watering cooling, concrete will become brittle, it is also easier to clean. The cost of cleaning the stuffy tank is not consistent according to different places and cleaning methods. After cleaning, the tank body is more or less damaged, and its service life will be shorter.
  In addition, we can often see various traffic accidents about concrete mixers in various reports, which also caused a lot of casualties, mainly for these reasons. The whole chassis of concrete mixers is very high, and the driver will have a lot of blind spots in the process of operation, especially when turning. There is the concrete mixer speed is generally faster, coupled with the body and carrying a very heavy concrete, braking distance will become longer, etc., are the cause of accidents.
  Why does the concrete mixer keep spinning? For professional reasons, as mentioned above, it is safe to stay as far away from the concrete mixer as possible. Find out more at
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