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概述:  搅拌一体机表面的漆面可能会有部分氧化和损坏,所以我们需要定期对其进行保养,那么搅拌一体机的漆面保养怎么做呢?下面我们就一起来看
  The paint surface of the all-in-one mixing machine may have some oxidation and damage, so we need to maintain it regularly, so how to do the paint maintenance of the all-in-one mixing machine? Let's take a look at the relevant content.
  Often friction does not timely care will appear scratches, more obvious in the sun, the general use of light to remove. Mixing machine in the process of driving due to friction generated electrostatic layer, electrostatic layer will absorb dust, oil, etc., after a long time will appear traffic film, so can be used for grinding and polishing treatment.
  Early ultraviolet radiation, the paint film will evaporate oil, time long oil will be sent out, thereby affecting the brightness of the formation of oxide layer to shorten the life, can be processed through grinding and polishing. Long time does not care for the surface will appear cracks, it will continue to penetrate the car paint, until the whole color paint layer, this phenomenon is called “crack”. This requires frequent waxing to reduce the occurrence of cracks.
  The corrosion mark is mainly caused by insects, bird dung, tree juice, tar, etc., can be polished with grinding. Oil smoke and pollution will cause fading, fading will make the car paint uneven color difference. Can use grinding, polishing processing, when serious, want to spray paint afresh. Stick on the surface of water and then be evaporated oxidation traces, slight water marks through waxing polishing treatment, serious grinding or painting.
  In addition to often check the standard components, beware of loose off; When replacing the motor, it should be strictly divided according to the relevant optional installation; Please beat butter in the oil position once, immediately check each component, such as creation and invention is not optimistic damage repair and replace immediately; Settle soot on time for easy circulation.
  How to maintain the paint surface of the all - in - one mixing machine? The above is to explain, mixing machine in the tibia for a long time, the paint will inevitably have problems, it needs to do a good job of maintenance. More content to the website consultation!
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