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概述:  如今很多的施工工地为了在工程中尽可能的节约成本与时间开始使用混凝土搅拌机作业,施工质量和进度都得到了保障,那么混凝土搅拌机的使
  Nowadays, many construction sites in order to save cost and time in the project as much as possible began to use small mixing truck operation, construction quality and progress have been guaranteed, so the use of small mixing truck is becoming more and more common why?
  Self-loading concrete mixer can complete the mixing and transportation of concrete at the same time. It is not only widely used in all kinds of civil and public construction projects, but also plays a great role in the infrastructure construction of subway, Bridges, rural cities and remote places.
  Concrete after completion of the production because of its own characteristics, need to be in a very short period of time is transported to the construction site, the time window is very small, for concrete flow so that they don't need to constantly be solidified, and construction projects in the water when need continuous, interval time not too long, otherwise you will have a big impact the quality of engineering.
  And the emergence of small mixers just can solve this problem, as long as the raw materials preparation good enough concrete construction site, small truck mixer can live production, from the expected discharging is fully automatic, soon it only takes a few minutes to complete all the work of expected discharging, which greatly improved the working efficiency, and is not subject to space limitation, can quickly transported to the destination.
  In some small projects, the use of small mixers are becoming more common, so the reason is the previous site need to use concrete mixing station, but in this time cost in the process of transportation and vehicle cost is too high, so many builders are now using in situ production of concrete ways to save costs.
  The use of small mixing trucks is becoming more and more common because of the above explained, of course, the equipment needs regular maintenance, otherwise it is very easy to have problems, so you can come to for consultation.
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