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The concrete mixer is a very important mechanical equipment in the construction of the project. It mixes the raw materials such as cement, sand, stone and water according to a certain proportion to obtain a very uniform and dense concrete, and plasticizes and strengthens the concrete to a great extent.
In addition, the structure and performance design of the mixer are designed according to the requirements and standards of the project project in the construction process. The countless movements and intersections between the constituent raw materials of the concrete in the mixing process can achieve full contact, so as to ensure the stability and uniformity of the internal structure of the concrete.
In addition, the mixer can prevent the occurrence of agglomerated particles of cement during the mixing of materials, so that the material particles can be completely wrapped by water and ensure the hydration reaction of cement.
In addition, the mixer ensures that the hydration reaction of cement is fully carried out during the mixing of materials, so as to form a very ideal hydration product. At the same time, the mixer makes strong collision and friction between materials during the mixing of materials, so as to reduce the dust film on the surface of material particles, which greatly improves the quality of concrete and ensures the quality of project construction.
In the process of using the concrete mixer, we should pay attention to several aspects: the waste should be cleaned up in time during the use of the mixer, so as to prolong the service life. Pay close attention to the five parameters of the mixer, i.e. blade diameter, blade liquid discharge, rotating speed, pressure head and shaft power, which meet the positive and negative proportional relationship, so as to ensure the performance.
The application of concrete mixer requires regular lubrication at the lubrication position in strict accordance with the requirements, maintenance and inspection of lifting steel wire rope, and reinforcement and inspection of connectors at important positions to ensure that the mixer is in good working condition. In case of sudden failure during use, it is necessary to stop use and reuse it after troubleshooting, so as to avoid the defective work of the mixer.
The overview of the function and principle of the concrete mixer has been explained. All operators should remember to check and maintain their cars regularly to prevent the reduction of service life. For more information, please visit our website at Com!
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