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概述:1、开机前应仔细检查机械系统各部分,确认无误后方可开机。 1 Before starting the machine, carefully check all parts of the
1. Before starting the machine, carefully check all parts of the mechanical system and start the machine after confirming that there is no error.
2. Before starting, put the control lever in the "neutral" position.
3. After startup, the control lever shall be placed in the "unloading" position to drain the accumulated water in the barrel.
4. When loading, the control lever shall be placed in the "loading" position.
5. Before transportation, the discharge chute must be fixed in the "drive" position to prevent swing.
6. When operating the rocker, stay in the "neutral" position for a moment, and then move to the next position.
7. Do a good job in civilized construction and do not dump the excess materials in the bucket at will. After unloading, the mixing drum, material trough, idler and other parts must be cleaned.
8. When someone enters the tank to remove the concrete caking, turn off the vehicle, pull out the electric door key, and monitor the personnel outside the tank.
9. Turn the function switch on the column to the "automatic" position, press the start switch on the controller, and the whole operation program will run automatically.
10. It will stop automatically after the whole process is completed. If it is necessary to stop halfway in the operation project, you can press the stop button and then restart.
11. After pressing the start button, the display screen will start to display the time, slow speed, sanding, fast, stop, fast and operation indicators, which will flash on time.
12. During automatic control, all switches of manual function must be turned to the stop position.
13. The automatic feeding mixer shall be placed in a flat position, and the front and rear axles shall be padded with square wood to place the tires at high altitude to avoid walking when starting.
14. The mixer shall implement secondary leakage protection. After the power supply is connected before work, it must be carefully checked, and the empty vehicle can be used only after passing the test run. During trial operation, check whether the rotating speed of the mixing drum is appropriate. Generally speaking, the speed of an empty car is slightly 2 to 3 revolutions faster than that of a car (after loading). If the difference is large, the ratio of driving wheel to driving wheel shall be adjusted.
15. The rotation direction of the mixing drum shall be consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow. If not, correct the motor wiring.
16. Check whether the transmission clutch and brake are flexible and reliable, whether the steel wire rope is damaged, whether the crawler wheel is intact, whether there are obstacles around and the lubrication of various parts.
17. After the automatic feeding mixer is started, always pay attention to whether all parts of the mixer operate normally. During shutdown, always check whether the blades of the mixer are bent and whether the screws are knocked off or loose.
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